Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Project B.O.B.

LINC-UP Missions believes very strongly in equipping the Brazilian people to reach their world with the gospel.  Since Christian resources are almost non-existent in the rural communities where we work, our challenge is to equip them to minister without the luxury of the common tools of the trade which are so under appreciated here in the U.S.  Most of the pastors and leaders whom we train have only a well-worn Bible and the textbooks that we supply during the course of our training program.
Project B.O.B. (Buy One Book) was initiated to help overcome the lack of Christian material, especially books and bibles that hinder church-planting in Brazil.  If a believer is going to “study to show himself approved (2 Tim 3:15)” he must have the materials to help him study. 

Through project B.O.B. we can supply a pastor with a Study Bible for $40.00, with a course textbook for $10.00 or a new convert with a bible for $5.00. The materials that we supply are so well-used by these Brazilian leaders until it is impossible to over-emphasize the eternal and spiritual impact of these resources.

Investments in eternity can be made through Project B.O.B. at LINC-UP Missions, P.O. Box 572, Hilliard, FL  32046 or through our Pay Pal account at

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