Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Profile of a LINC-UP Missions Investor

LINC-UP Missions has been mobilizing U.S. resources and personnel for global evangelization since 2006.  Our history of mobilization has allowed us to develop of profile of the people and churches with whom our voice resonates.  This is an interesting profile.  Does it describe you?    
An Investor in LINC-UP Missions:

Desires to see God do something on a scale that is bigger than their immediate surroundings -  They realize that they have a personal responsibility to fulfill the Great Commission. They are therefore motivated to become “world Christians” that leave their mark around the globe for the glory of Christ

Wants to make a significant contribution to the expansion of Christ’s kingdom - It’s not about just doing something good, but doing what is best. Both quality and quantity are important.

Is concerned about eternity – They want to be part of something that outlasts life on earth and impacts eternity.  If life really is just a vapor, and most of its trappings amount to wood, hay and stubble, then these people had rather invest in eternity where their investment will never fade away.

Thinks outside of the box – Thinkers are seldom confined to the boundaries of “the way it’s always been”.  They evaluate in light of effectiveness and are willing to abandon traditional, worn out structures for more biblical and culturally relevant means of accomplishing the goal.

Believes in efficiency and accountability – They want to know that their investment is really making a difference and are eager to hear regular “progress reports”.

Is relationship oriented – Institutionalism holds little value for many believers today.  Their loyalty does not lie with denominations, conventions nor organizations but with people and personal relationships. They realize, that after all, the gospel itself is relational not institutional.
Is bored with business as usual – We live in a fast-paced, ever-changing world.  What was cutting –edge last year is out-dated today.  If business as usual is not effective, it’s time to do something unusual and productive

Is weary of the pettiness and self-serving purposes that infect American Christianity - LINC-UP investors are very aware that most of the world’s population lives far below the standard of most Americans.  Knowing that Christians who live in developing nations would love to have what we throw away, our investors are somewhat ashamed of the self-centeredness that is so common-place in the average church. 
Is disillusioned with the inefficiency and impersonal approach of traditional methods – When “overhead” and administrative costs eat up the most part of every mission dollar given to some mission organizations, real stewards look for more efficient methods. 

Wants to be hands-on – Today’s movers and shakers want to give more than just their dollars, they want to be personally connected to the work.
Is busy with multiple endeavors – Usually, these people have “many irons in the fire”. Therefore they do not have time for the insignificant and do not want to be bogged down with trivial matters.

Realize that missions is about the glory of God – Emotional appeals about the lostness of man do not resonate with these individuals nearly as much as the prospect of seeing God glorified by bringing the nations to Himself.
Understand that not everything that is called “missions” is missions- These people are aware that biblical missions involve taking the gospel to people in places where it does not exist and is not available. This is priority number one for them. Everything else is secondary.

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