Wednesday, January 18, 2012

LINC-UP Expands to Iceland

It has been my intentions from the beginning of LINC-UP Missions for our influence to be multi-national.  Because our God is so infinite, our vision must encompass the world.  We have stretched ourselves in every respect in order to keep up with the viable opportunities that have become available since we put our hands to the plow of reaching the unreached.  Our prayer for the past few months is that God would send us help in the form of field personnel who fit a very specific profile and also have the ability to raise support as a faith missionary.
Well, in January of this year, the Lord has answered our prayer.  Pastor Bill Jessup, a friend and ministry colleague since our college days at The Baptist College of Florida is coming on board with LINC-UP Missions to help expand our reach and influence.

Bill recently resigned his church in Stafford, VA in order to focus on their mission of planting churches and training leaders in Reykjavik, Iceland.  He will be building on a base that has been established since 2006 through the partnership he led his church to form in Iceland.  For the next 3 years, Bill and Cindy, along with their 3 children will spend most of their time establishing a strong beach-head for the gospel in Reykjavik.  During this time, he will also work to mobilize U.S. churches for mission involvement with him among the Icelandic people. Bill will also help us expand our influence to other unengaged peoples.

Bill describes the difference between our work in Brazil and his work in Iceland by saying, “If the work that Pastor Richie and I do were magazines, what Pastor Richie does in Brazil would be National Geographic and what I do in Iceland would be Gentlemen’s Quarterly.  Pastor Richie works in remote, areas of the 3rd world, while we work among some of the most affluent and technologically advanced, yet some of the most spiritually destistute people on the planet.”

Bill is exactly the type of person for whom we’ve been praying to help us.  He has a track record as an effective pastor.  He is an excellent communicator and preacher.  Most of all, his desire to see God glorified among the nations thrusts him to the frontlines.  Please pray for Bill, Cindy, Cami, Ben, and Alli as we hope to have the process finalized and to have them mobilized for Iceland by early March.

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  1. This is exciting! My husband and I will be praying for Pastor Jessup and his family and the new work in Iceland.